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We believe that any property on this globe can be bought, except one. And that is Integrity. It’s a sheer truth that if we don't have integrity, we have nothing. We at Vaishali Properties & Developers, makes it a point to honour each of our commitments with utmost integrity.

For over a decade we have facilitated hundreds & hundreds of our clients to realize their dreams through unparalleled service, be it property management or leasing needs. We know the value of the hard earned money of our clients and hence work hard to help them with the best possible real estate solutions.

Local Expertise & Professional Approach are the two attributes, we are known for. Our practices in the real estate industry are of the highest degree of ethical and business standards.

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Calicut/Kozhikode, KERALA
Price: 40 Lakhs
Calicut/Kozhikode, KERALA
Price: 65 Lakhs
Calicut/Kozhikode, KERALA
Price: 65 Lakhs
Calicut/Kozhikode, KERALA
Price: 6 Lakhs /Cent
Calicut/Kozhikode, KERALA
Price: 85 Lakhs
Calicut/Kozhikode, KERALA
Price: 2.5 Lakhs /Cent
Calicut/Kozhikode, KERALA
Price: 60 Lakhs
Calicut/Kozhikode, KERALA
Price: 90 Lakhs
Calicut/Kozhikode, KERALA
Price: 50000 /Cent
Calicut/Kozhikode, KERALA
Price: 55 Lakhs

Latest News

With the approval to the real estate bill, there was quite an emotional upheaval in the real estate industry and most of the key players commented on the update. Post the real estate regulation bill, the property players hope to see a transparent and uniform environment. It was a debate on whether the home buyers will have benefit from the step or the provisions are very harsh on the developers. But what is the take of the home buyers? Will now their property buying process be less time consuming and more assuring?

•    Increased transparency and uniformity
•    Strict guidelines on advertisement and prospectus will stop misguiding the buyers
•    Provisions for claiming compensation for loss caused by misleading statements
•    Selling based on carpet area
•    A project cannot be launched until all the approvals from authorities are achieved
•    Developers will be required to put project-related information on their websites
•    Setting up of an appellate panel to take up disputes between buyers and builders
•    Speedy resolution of issues such as delays and change in specifications
•    Fewer possibilities of project delays being caused due to absence of necessary approvals
•    A buyer can claim refunds if a project is delayed

Buying a home is one of the most significant financial investments that one ever makes; therefore, it is only advisable to do a proper market research and survey prior to finalizing anything.


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